Dracorex was a herbivore. It lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited North America.

Discovered in 2004, the genus Dracorex is a Pachycephalosaur that is directly related to the Pachycephalosaurus. It resembles the latter closely, but has more elaborate ornamentation on its crest around the bony bowl that both genera share.

Some researchers think that Dracorex and another genus called Stygimoloch may actually represent growth stages of the Pachcephalosaurus rather than distinct genera of their own.

The name Dracorex means “dragon king” and the only known species of Dracorex is named “Hogwartsia” in honor of the Hogwart’s school from the Harry Potter series of novels.

Art depicting the Dracorex usually emphasizes the spiked protrusions from the skull that make up the crest.

Quick facts about Dracorex:

  • Existed from Campanian Age to Maastrichtian Age
  • Lived in a terrestrial habitat
  • Was a herbivore
  • Reproduced by laying eggs
  • 30 different specimens have been found by paleontologists

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