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Velociraptor was the aggressive, fleet-footed star of the movie “Jurassic Park”. The fossil, unearthed in Mongolia, was feathered, and much smaller in real life than the movie monsters. She has been described as a pitiless huntress – and also as a good mother who cared for her eggs.

From China, Shantungosaurus Giganteus was not such a fast mover. At an estimated 50 feet and 15 tons, he's another duck-billed diplo who probably took an hour to walk five miles and spent most of his days eating salad. Announced in Gujarat during 2003, Rajasaurus is India's “king lizard”, a big carnivorous theropod. Other Indian meat eaters included Indosaurus, and nearby fossil sites have yielded the duck-billed giant Titanosaurus.

As the Jurassic wore on, and Rajasaurus evolved, plate tectonics were shifting India away from Gondwanaland toward Asia. So that many earlier fossils found in present day India were closely related to specimens from Argentina, South Africa, and Madagascar. It comes as no surprise that Rajasaurus has much in common with Majungasaurus from Madagascar and the Argentinian Carnotaurus – even though it is a species unique to India.

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